Consulting & Prototyping

Prototype Consulting

        When consulting and the brainstorming takes  place for  a new product it can be a colorful day.

       Many ideas are presented and even today the  phrase coined by

 Edward Bulwer-Lytton     "The Pen is mightier than the sword" 


 is the most effective way for the team to grasp the concept and move towards  generation of concept drawings and procuring materials for prototyping 


  Prototyping allows a product to be developed prior to spending thousands of dollars on molds and special tooling which could become obsolete before the tooling is complete. Prototyping is a fast paced process where change is a constant. This process allows the designer to work with the product and prove that the concept works in which they have invested in, reassuring them of a return on their investment.  

Problem Solving Consulting

Consulting  does play an important part in prototyping that allows for new ideas on how to process and improve a new products although consulting is not limited to new products.
​With the background and understanding of how processes should work we can help trouble shoot areas that you are having problems with on production equipment. We can offer advise corrective action as well as machine or fabricate what is needed to help solve the problem, once you have determined that is the direction your company wants to go.
 In the past companies have supplied us with drawings for production tooling that would not work after they received it and had us fix the parts and then we corrected the drawings in order for the customer to have the corrected prints for fabrication in the future.
Customers sometimes just needs an outsider to help them think outside the box. 
So what can we help you with? 


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