OEM Machining & Assembly

Machining & Engraving


Custom parts are machined and ready for Anodizing


Once parts are Anodized they are assembled and ready for delivery.

S/S Manipulator

This stainless steel unit was machined and assembled ready for customer to deliver.

Computer Controlled

Stainless Steel Underwater Manipulator

(picture provided by Team NDT)

5 Axis Manipulator

All the pictures on this page are different styles of manipulators ranging from 2 to 5 axis. These are designed to be used with non- destructive test equipment.

S/S Machining

Parts are machine and ready to be assembled. the picture to the left shows the 5 axis manipulator assembly


  We started to work with Crist’s Machining over 27 years ago. Over the years, they have provided quality work at a reasonable price. One of the main reason for the long relationship is the “Value added” service that they provide. When we take a job to them they care about the product that we are trying to produce and they are able to envision that end product. This helps them to be able to point out when there is an error on a drawing or if there is possibly another way to make the part that will result in cost savings.  Another thing that we can count on is their dependable deliveries. Very rarely are they ever late on a delivery. We would strongly recommend Crist’s Machining to anyone looking for machining services. 

  Marc Henry

 Operations Director


5434 Stagecoach Rd NW

Somerset, Ohio 43783